Hi Lovelies!

This post is blogging tips and advice for getting started, I know I’m not super experienced as I’ve only been blogging for about a month but I still have a load of tips to give you and I also thought I’d tell you why I started blogging.

I though I wasn’t gonna do this post for aaggeess because I planned I’d do it when I have like 50 followers which I though would be in like 2 years but no! I’m sat here in my bedroom in bed at 8:00 pm on my laptop, which I will be on for the next 2 hours (I think I’m just a little bit antisocial!) ready to write this post for you guys… 4 weeks from when I started blogging… with 54 whole entire (no really, Autumn, I thought there would be half a follower) followers!!! Aaaagggghhh!!! Thank you sooooooooo much!!!!!! 4 weeks and 50 followers wowwwwww! In another month I’ll be at 100 followers then the next 150 then the next 200, hopefully!

Ok, I’m rambling.

Lets get started 🙂

I started blogging mainly because I  needed somewhere to express my feelings and who I really am because I was struggling to find who I actually was as a person and I wanted somewhere where I could be me and find out who I really am because to be honest I didn’t really know myself. I started writing a diary at about the age of 10 ish and really enjoyed it, I loved how you could literally say whatever you want and no one was there to judge you or anything because no one would read it. Then, like most bloggers my age, I read Girl Online and was completely and utterly inspired. I was just like omg blogging is such an amazing idea!! I spent the next year or so I guess being too scared to set up and start my blog becuase, me being me, I kept thinking of worse case scenarios in my head about all the negatives about starting a blog until one day on the 23rd December 2016 I finally pressed upload on my very first blog post! I was so so so so so so so so so so happy that I’d done it, however nerve wracking it was because I, now, have made some great friends and love being able to express my feelings and it’s really helped my find who I am.


from that, to be honest, pretty soppy paragraph on why I started blogging onto some tips!

  • Don’t be scared to upload- I know I get scared sometimes when I post a blog post because, if you’re anything like me, I always get worried that, even though most of the time I get really positive feedback, I get worried that I made a mistake posting it and everyone is gonna hate me because of it.
  • Be active- pretty much explains itself. No one is gonna want to follow someone who posts like once every 2 months or something because, well, they’ll get bored of waiting around or something.
  •  When you first start your blog, post lots– If your followers like your content and find it fun and enjoyable to read, and have nothing better to do (like me most of the time) they will probably want to read more of your earlier posts AKA stalk you pretty much and if you only have like 2 posts they will get disappointed.. I know I would. And have been because I don’t stalk or anything… !
  • Don’t be afraid to reach out to others- ummmm… this sound really dramatic and poetic or something but it basically means don’t wait for the followers to come to you, go out there yourself! Go on a follower hunt!! Ok, that sounds weird 🙂
  • Be yourself- People can tell if your being fake and it will seem forced so therefore no one would want to follow. It is also more enjoyable for you to be yourself because if you’re pretending to be something you’re not then you won’t enjoy it as much!

The end 🙂


That’s it for this post, I hope you enjoyed it and found it useful for all of you newbies out there (or oldbies… you never know!)

I hope you had a great day 🙂

Autumn xx






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