hello world!


my name is Autumn, well, it’s not my real name but I’m going to keep this blog anonymous because I don’t want any one who knows me to judge me or make fun of me for the things I write on this blog.

I’ve been wanting to start a blog for a while but I guess I’ve never really had the time and to be honest I don’t think I was confident enough to do it. I though some people from my school would find out it’s me and start to really judge me. But now I’m here.

Why have I decided to start blogging?

That’s probably what you thinking.

I have always love writing stories, diary entries, poems anything to do with words and I just want somewhere where I can share my passion and I want to know what people think about my ideas.

I’ve also started this blog because I want a place to totally be myself, where no one can judge me or make fun of who I am. I want a place where I can complain about things, laugh about thing and just be ME.

I think you need to know one more thing about me as this is basically what I’m going to post on my account.

I LOVE photography. would be an understatement.

All my life I’ve been taking photos from the age of 5 when I got one of those toy cameras til now.

I just love how you can keep a little moment in time for basically forever. Each photo is a memory which, if you keep the photo, you would never forget. Photography lets other people see the world through your eyes and it helps me get outdoors and make the most of the world around us.

Anyway, I could speak about photography forever so I’m going to stop there but I hope you’ve enjoyed my first post!


Autumn xx



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