chatty post because we haven’t spoken for a while :)

Hi Lovelies!

It’s nice to be here again.

I have been so so so so busy recently so I haven’t really thought about blogging or anything but now I’m here I am pleased I thought about blogging.

I feel a bit bad to be honest about not blogging in a while which is why I’m doing another chatty post.

So, what’s been going on in my life?

Why have I been to busy to blog?

Well, first of all work and homework has been a bit hectic; I had exams a couple of weeks ago (which, by the way, went really well!) and I have been wayyy to far behind on homework.

Second is I have had tones of rehearsals for the show I was in at the West End which was super exciting and was probably one of the best experiences of my life. I absolutely loved to my favorite thing with my favorite people and I was so proud of myself. Ugh it was just such an incredible opportunity which I wish I could do all over again.

Also I have had a couple of bad anxiety days and days when I was just not motivated to do anything but lets not talk about that…

Recently I have also been growing as a person and figuring out who I am a little bit more. Ever since I started this blog I have been learning more and more about myself and I’m so glad that I can take you along on the journey of my life… Ok that sounded really weird.

I need to go now,

Please can you comment post ideas because I really need some!

Autumn xx


Hey you,

Yes, you sitting there st your screen reading this right now. You are amazing and please do not let anyone tell you otherwise. You are beautiful, strong, brave, creative, clever- whatever you, right there, wish to be but just remember to be yourself because that is your best quality.

Also remember that if you are happy and healthy, what else matters? Body image, however hard it is to accept, does not matter. You do not need to be squeezed into a certain mold and be forced to wear specific things or act a different way because it is ‘cool’. People will like you for who you are, trust me.

I know you are amazing so maybe you should stop comparing yourself in society and just sit back.

Take a deep breath,

and accept yourself.

You are you.

lots of love,

Autumn xx

A little chat

Hi Lovelies!

Creative block is still here.


Just waiting for it to go away.

I have decided that maybe it won’t just disappear and maybe that writing a blog post may inspire me again?!



Well, last week I had exams all week so I literally had NO free time as I was constantly cramming in last minute revision which was fun. To be honest though I am actually surprising happy with how my exams went and most subjects I did alright in. I am sooooo relived it’s over with for a year though as I can not deal with that amount of stress, bring on GCSEs!

Recently I have been really into YouTube. My favourite YouTuber is defiantly Dodie Clark (Doddleoddle) she is so amazing and inspiring. I can also relate to her so much and she is just a really really great person.  I also love Carrie Hope Fletcher (It’s way past my bedtime) because she also really inspires me creatively and she is so good at just making videos and entertaining people. There are also tones of other YouTubers I watch  but seriously there are so many that I cannot be bothered to name them all.

For about two months now I have been teaching myself guitar and I absolutely love it. Play the guitar is just so calming and helps you to focus on just one thing and perfecting that one thing… a bit like photography. It is a good escape and if you don’t want to go outside anywhere, like you kind of do for photography, then you can just get lost in the music (because I am just so poetical 🙂 ). I am no way dissing photography but I’m just saying it’s a nice simple way to relax. I may make another post on guitar and why I like it another time so I wan’t go into too much detail now.



That’s about it, it feels so much to just sit her and type up my thoughts again and I feel more relaxed about doing it now than I did when I began this post. I guess the more I write the more comfortable I will become.



Autumn xx

Creative blocks suck

Hey Lovelies!
So, recently I have not really been posting the same kind of posts as I used to. As in those “inspiring” kind of posts I did a couple of months ago about following your dreams and all that because I have had the worst creative block. I know in this post I am going to be so melodramatic about the creative block I have but it is a big deal… well for me and most bloggers out there. I want to entertain my audience (that’s you!) and although compared to some blogs its not a big audience it is for me and I want to you all to enjoy reading my posts and for me to have regular posts.

So yeah, if you are like me then you will know creative blocks absolutely stink! Ugh. they are so annoying. The only creative thing I have done over the past month is take tones of photos and edited them but writing wise I have literally done nothing. No, that’s a lie I did feel super creative over half term when I was on holiday but for some reason I wasn’t able to put my ideas into words.

Do any of you know hoe to get over creative blocks and how to improve your creativity?

I would love to know any advice you have.

See you soon,

Autumn xx

photo shoot with my little sister

Hi Lovelies!

That you for all your great feedback on my many previous photography themed posts, it makes me unbelievably  happy 🙂

The other day I decided to give photographing people (my sister) a go because I’d always though I was really bad at them but I am so pleased with how they turned out:

happy 🙂
running away from problems
in wonderland
black and white
natural forces
just be happy
reach for the clouds

I also really enjoyed editing them… it’s amazing how much editing you can do to make them look perfect, I literally spend hours sitting at my laptop just adjusting tiny bits.

My favourite one is ‘in wonderland’. I would love to know which one your favourite is!

Autumn xx

P.S. look out for a France Photos #2 coming soon.

so, hows life?

Hello Lovelies!

The other day I was asked by someone ‘So, hows life?’. I, like of people would just said the usual response of ‘Yeah, yeah it’s going well. I’ve got lots of homework though!’ or something like that. But it made me ask myself ‘So, Autumn, Hows life?’ And this is my response:

It’s getting better. After all the drama that happened in winter along with spring became a new beginning and I began to slowly repair the broken parts of my life, some with just some sellotape but the other, more important ones, with the strongest glue I could find. I then realized there was more to life than just living it. I noticed how I kind of drifted through life in a daze, not really making the most out of it. Therefore, I did try to make the most of it. Like I said in a previous post; I turned of social media and spent less time on my phone, worked hard at school, made an effort with my appearance and tried my very hardest to stay positive. I guess it worked for a while but I also noticed that I was sort of forcing it and I wasn’t being me. I forced myself to stand around and smile pretending nothing was wrong and to be honest I started to believe nothing was wrong. During that week of ‘positivity’ I realized I was still not really living life and although from the outside it seemed perfect under the mask was a little anxious 13 year old battling with weird fears no one understood. I’d keep all my feelings to myself and bottle them up until one day it clicked. No, I didn’t always need to be happy to ‘live’ life I could just be me and allow myself to have feelings but also not drift through life in a daze of sadness. Unfortunately I realized this the hard way by having some bad anxiety days where I kind of just sat in my room and pushed everything to the back of my mind and spent hours watching YouTube on bed. On the third day it got really bad, I was at school and still living life in a dazed kind of state and I was sitting in a music lesson about to perform and I thought I couldn’t do it, I couldn’t sing in front of everyone and play the guitar. I n the end it was a terrible performance and that is when I plummeted to the lowest i’d  been and through out the music lesson I forced myself not to cry. That is when I wrote this post, once I had just been at my lowest and when I decided to just be me.  I guess it’s working. I do feel more content with life… I have my bad days but I guess everyone does so that’s okay, like the quote says ‘I t’s okay to be a glow stick, sometimes we have to break to shine’.


I hope you have a great day and please be ‘you’ no matter how hard that may be just stay true to yourself and that is when you will be lets not day happy but content with life. Basically what I am saying is we all have good and bad days whether they are truely terrible or just a little mistake they always appear once in a while so just accept that and keep believing good days will come soon.

Lots of love,

Autumn xxxxx

a little photo project

Hi Lovelies!

I’ve decided to try and do more photography on this blog therefore, being inspired by a photography magazine I thought I’d give a photography project a go. I began the photography project I am about to show you only a couple of weeks ago therefore I haven’t really had very much time but I am going to show you what I’ve got so far and maybe I could make this a little series then once I feel like I have finished the project I can do a big final complete project.

You are all probably wandering what project I have decided to do and I am doing a pattern/texture theme. All the photos I take will be of, mostly natural, patterns. So, here is what I have so far:

Let me know what you think of this idea please!

See you next time,

Autumn xx


a week in France

Hi Lovelies!

It feels really weird and unnatural to just sit here and type because it’s been about a week!

Ugh too long 🙂

Anyway here are some of my favourite photos from my holiday (All of these were taken on my Olympus EPL1):

Just heading back from a beautiful evening shoot of the sunset I saw a luster of light darting through the trees, there was just enough light to take a substantial photo… this is that photo.
I was wandering down a little lane surrounded by trees near my house when I saw a small opening in the trees with light beaming out. As would any photographer I took my camera, tripod ect. to see what actually lay behind the gap, it turned out to be a stunning field full of wheat. To be honest the field was no surprise as we have a house in the middle of two farms but in the morning sunlight it was stunning.


I love this bridge it is on the most beautiful river and it just reminds me of all the happy times I had down there.
Evening walks are just the best, especially for a photographer! The lighting is just amazing and although the sunlight is a bit overexposed in this photo there is nothing a bit of editing cannot fix!
My dad had just cut out a massive chunk of foliage from the border of our house to the field which creates a perfect place for sunset and sunrise pictures, I thought to commemorate why ot take a photo? 
I was busy reading a photography magazine with Jasmine lying at my feet and I was inspired to take some more photos but because I was puppy sitting Jasmine while my family was out I couldn’t really go on a walk so I set up my tripod and tried out different settings on a very sleepy puppy.


The angle of the trees and our house has been taken wayyy to many times therefore I thought why not join the archive!


This is a sneak peek into an upcoming project I am doing, which I am planning on showing you once I have more photos put together!
Sitting by a cosy fire when there was no electricity  or radiators is the best feeling, so I decided to capture that moment of pure happiness with a slow shutter speed and a low aperture therefore creating the effect of a fire with no background noise ect.
This is also another project which will probably be on this blog in like a years time as it takes so long to do…. but look out.

I hope you liked these photos and there will probably be a lot more posts soon because I had lots of inspiration while I was on holiday.

Also these are just some of the photos I will have to do a part two and maybe part three!!


Autumn xx