A little chat

Hi Lovelies!

Creative block is still here.


Just waiting for it to go away.

I have decided that maybe it won’t just disappear and maybe that writing a blog post may inspire me again?!



Well, last week I had exams all week so I literally had NO free time as I was constantly cramming in last minute revision which was fun. To be honest though I am actually surprising happy with how my exams went and most subjects I did alright in. I am sooooo relived it’s over with for a year though as I can not deal with that amount of stress, bring on GCSEs!

Recently I have been really into YouTube. My favourite YouTuber is defiantly Dodie Clark (Doddleoddle) she is so amazing and inspiring. I can also relate to her so much and she is just a really really great person.  I also love Carrie Hope Fletcher (It’s way past my bedtime) because she also really inspires me creatively and she is so good at just making videos and entertaining people. There are also tones of other YouTubers I watch  but seriously there are so many that I cannot be bothered to name them all.

For about two months now I have been teaching myself guitar and I absolutely love it. Play the guitar is just so calming and helps you to focus on just one thing and perfecting that one thing… a bit like photography. It is a good escape and if you don’t want to go outside anywhere, like you kind of do for photography, then you can just get lost in the music (because I am just so poetical 🙂 ). I am no way dissing photography but I’m just saying it’s a nice simple way to relax. I may make another post on guitar and why I like it another time so I wan’t go into too much detail now.



That’s about it, it feels so much to just sit her and type up my thoughts again and I feel more relaxed about doing it now than I did when I began this post. I guess the more I write the more comfortable I will become.



Autumn xx


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