Creative blocks suck

Hey Lovelies!
So, recently I have not really been posting the same kind of posts as I used to. As in those “inspiring” kind of posts I did a couple of months ago about following your dreams and all that because I have had the worst creative block. I know in this post I am going to be so melodramatic about the creative block I have but it is a big deal… well for me and most bloggers out there. I want to entertain my audience (that’s you!) and although compared to some blogs its not a big audience it is for me and I want to you all to enjoy reading my posts and for me to have regular posts.

So yeah, if you are like me then you will know creative blocks absolutely stink! Ugh. they are so annoying. The only creative thing I have done over the past month is take tones of photos and edited them but writing wise I have literally done nothing. No, that’s a lie I did feel super creative over half term when I was on holiday but for some reason I wasn’t able to put my ideas into words.

Do any of you know hoe to get over creative blocks and how to improve your creativity?

I would love to know any advice you have.

See you soon,

Autumn xx


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