just a chat about life

Hey Lovelies!
I feel like I’m not very active on here but I NEED BLOG IDEAS!!! So please comment some stuff you wanna see down below πŸ™‚
I am bored so don’t judge this post but I actually have nothing else to do so I turned to my blog… like i always do!

Ok, so on thing is for sure is that I hate Thursdays. Basically 2 weeks ago yesterday was when I realized that I maybe had anxiety and all that because of a massive argument with you know who πŸ˜‰ But yeah, and this Thursday I had another massive panicky moment and I couldn’t speak properly and anyone who saw me noticed that I was shaking loads. I’ve found it helps so so so so soooooooooo much chatting things through with someone. I’ve spoken to a teacher about all the drama stuff that was going on… not to be all bitchy and tell on everyone but to just find advice. She said if I wanted she would talk to everyone involved but, not to cause any more drama, I said no but it was so nice to just have someone who was understanding and experienced in these kind if things to chat through it all with.



*thinking of more positive things to talk about*

this weekend I have dance for 3 hours then the next day I have a gym competition!

I’m really nervous for it but also super excited, it’s the first time I’ve actually choreographed the routine with no help!!! AAAGGGHHHH!

So yeah… that’s it for this post because I need to go have dinner now πŸ™‚


Comment blog ideas please,

Autumn xx


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