A new page

There is something so satisfying about turning over a page onto a fresh new one. It’s like; here is a chance to prove how neat I can be or something along those lines.

It’s so lovely getting a clear empty canvas just waiting for you to fill it with your creativity  and your imaginative ideas. It could burst with colour, your idea of colour, whether that is back and dark or a rainbow of a thousand colours.

I also love how pleasing a brand new notepad can be, just sitting there waiting for you to open it up and express your thoughts, feelings, ideas about the world. Your inner creativity and imagination.

Mondays, to most, is just another day to do another load of boring work after 2 whole days of freedom, you come plummeting back down to reality. But to others it a fresh page, a blank canvas or a new notepad. Just waiting for you to bring life and colour to its pages.

How are you going to live your life?

Mondays are like a mini new year or, yes, a new page so its another whole week ahead of you to prove what a great person you can be and what ideas you can bring to the world.

Be yourself.

If you didn’t have a good week last week, well, guess what?!

There are 7 blank canvases  to tell everyone who you really are and show everybody what you’re capable of.

Resolve things that need resolving.

Leave things that need leaving.

And do things that you’ve been dreaming of doing.

Live life.

Believe in yourself.

Chase your dreams.

Be you.

Remember its a blank canvas, a new page and a brand new notepad just waiting for you to own it and make it your own.

So go with confidence.

Autumn xx



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