Hi Lovelies!

Thank you all so much for asking me questions, I chose my top 10 questions which I’m going to answer so sorry if your question wasn’t mentioned.

  1. What is your favourite book and why?  What nooo!!! You can’t make me answer that I have wayyyy to many! If I had to choose it would be the first ‘Girl Online’ By Zoe Sugg (Zoella on YouTube) because I was so so soooooo inspired by that book and it is my comfort read, I’ve read it like 1000 times, ‘Heartless’ by… IDK?! because it’s such a creative and unique book. I just find it amazing how you feel like you have actually been transported into a totally different world… just by words on a page. or ‘All I Know Now’ By Carrie Hope Fletcher (ItsWayPastMy Bedtime on Youtube) because this book has taught me so much about how to think positively and just make the most of life.
  2. How many places have you traveled to and which has been your favourite? I’ve been to 4 other countries (not including the UK where I live); France, Germany, Austria, Greece. My favourite place was one hundred percent Greece because it is such a beautiful and just amazing place to stay for two weeks! However, I love going to France as we own a little cottage in the woods there and I find it such a relaxing place to be, surrounded by nature and I love to go skiing in Germany and Austria as I LOVE skiing.
  3. Number one blogger tip. Definitely just be yourself. I know it’s quite obvious and sometimes hard to but once you start to put it into practice it becomes a whole lot easier.
  4. Why did you start a blog? There were three  main reasons why I started a blog they were: I really needed somewhere to just be me where no one could judge me, I wanted a place to share all my photographs with and I LOVE writing and wanted to share that passion with someone, somewhere
  5. Favourite colour? Green 🙂
  6. If you could be an animal, which one and why? Probably a pet dog. I’ve noticed that I’ve actually become so jealous of my puppies life I mean, she sleeps, gets stroked, plays games and eats all day everyday!
  7. Favourite animal? Ugh. I have no idea?! Maybe an Orangutan because they had been my favourite animal when I was like 3 and the first word I could properly spell was orangutan, I used to think I was King Louis from ‘The Jungle Book’ once I went to the dentist or some thing and they asked my name and I replied with King Louis!!
  8. Favorite You Tubers? Doddleoddle (Dodie) is definitely my favourite but I also love ItsWayPastMyBedTime (Carrie Hope Fletcher) and Dan and Phil…ummm… and Maybaby (Meg), Lucy Moon and loads others!
  9. Favourite Food? Ice cream.
  10. Favourite singer? Dodie Clark, I actually love her so much!!!!

So, Thank you to everyone who asked my questions and also I’m so sorry I haven’t posted in FOREVER I’ve been so so so busy and just haven’t really felt motivated, I’m here now though.

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Thank you all for the question,


Autumn xx


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