dear 15 year old Autumn

*quick note*

I don’t expect you to read all of this, this is really for my own benefit and if you do read it, then cool you get to learn something new about me!

Dear 15  year old me,

Hi! Wow this is weird!


How are you 15 year old Autumn? I’m 13 at the moment. Do you still write on this blog or are you just reading through it and laughing at how over dramatic you can be? I hope you are still writing a blog, or at least writing your diaries. Just remember how happy writing makes you and what an achievement it was for you to finish your third diary. If you are still blogging how many followers do you have? I have about 112 now which is one of my biggest achievements but I guess if you’ve got loads more you will probably just laugh at how tiny the number 100  is, it’s a big deal ok! So, even if you have loads more followers never forget that actually 100 is a massive number which I can’t actually get my head around.

How is school life? Are you still best friends with S or have you moved on? I hope you haven’t had an argument and never spoken again. Who are you in a form with? are you with the best friends you have here, in year 8 or have you moved on from them, that’s a scary though because I love my friends now. How are your GCSEs going? You better have chosen good subjects which you are good at and not just gone with the ones your friends do. So, what do you want to be when you’re older? Right now I want to become a photographer, to be honest I’m not sure, though. What school like overall… if you still go to school?!! Maybe you’ve moved schools, have you? I don’t think you will because I like my school at the moment. Oh yeah, and are you in a form or any lessons with those two girls which got suspended? I hope you aren’t with especially one of them. Ugh, poor you if you are.

So, hows home life? How is Mum and Dad? How are my two sisters? Oh my gosh! One will be 9 and the other 13… that’s scary!! What is it like having 2 slightly older sisters? What’s it like having one sister at the same school as you? How is one getting on at the scary pace that is secondary  school? Is there loads of drama in her form like ours or is their form the perfect form? How is you bedroom, Autumn? Do you still have fairy lights and photographs everywhere because that’s what I love about my bedroom now? Also do you still play guitar and act and dance? How did performing in the West End go?? I’m actually so excited to perform in Shaftesbury Theatre! Did it go well, did we all remember our lines? Also, do you still have short hair? I’ve just cut my hair short and I love it! It’s so much easier to deal with. What length is your hair?

Finally, here is some nice deep inspiring stuff: First of all please give your best (as our school moto says!) in your GCSEs, I know you can do amazingly and if you have already done them… well done you, I’m proud of you, you did the right this whatever you did. The second thing is please please PLEASE don’t get caught up in silly relationships just because it’s cool to have a boyfriend. Don’t feel pressured into doing anything you don’t want to do and just let you make up your mind in these situations, do what you feel comfortable with. Please, also, don’t go with the crown. I get this is easier said then done but just at least try to be your own person and not copy what everyone else does because its ‘cool’; choose your own style, your own decisions, just you write your own life don’t let someone write it for you just because they have neater handwriting or are better at spelling. You’ll learn from your mistakes, don’t you worry you will get through it, whatever ‘it’ is. The final point is PLEASE to not let anxiety take over your life or define you, be YOU don’t be anxiety. Don’t take excuses like ‘oh it was because I had anxiety’ just let anxiety be there but don’t force it to come or force it to go.

Lots of love,

13 year old Autumn xx

P.S. from when this was posted I won’t be active for the next week-ish because I’m on holiday,

Bye! See you in a week,

Autumn xx



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