photography tips for beginners

Hey Lovelies!
This post was requested by the wonderful All the Jazz so you should defiantly check out her blog!

And lets go…

  1. Be yourself–  Don’t be scared that the photos you take aren’t going to be amazing. Everyone has to be a beginner at some point in their lives to use the fact you are a beginner to your advantage and learn as much as you can. Everyone has their off days when it comes to photography, days when you just don’t feel it so don’t stress.
  2. Get to know your camera (or phone)- It helps if you know what your camera is capable of so you can make the most of it. Explore your camera and take some test photos before you get out and about, you don’t need to be taught how to use a camera… just find out for yourself.
  3. Take more than one photo- What I’ve learnt is that if you take just one photo you regret it because sometimes that one photo is slightly blurred or just not quite right so try out different angles and aperture and shutter speed ect.
  4. You don’t need an expensive camera- This put me off at first because I didn’t have a great camera and I knew I couldn’t afford one but you really shouldn’t be put off or embarrassed by the camera (or phone) you have. Even though quality is important the actual content is what matters.
  5. Edit- With a bit of editing a bad photo can tun into a great one! Just because the photo doesn’t  look amazing on your camera screen doesn’t mean it  is. Try importing them onto your laptop and play around with the contrast, brightness ect. but when you feel it’s done it probably is done, don’t over edit!! There are so many photos I regret over editing.
  6. Creativity is key- The beauty of photography is that it turns everyday objects into a work of art so use that to your advantage and don’t overlook objects that you see all the time .Be creative and original.
  7. You don’t need to have a style- Well, not when you’re a beginner anyway. Don’t feel pressured into having a specific style or signature type of photo because when you are a beginner it’s best just to experiment and be open to any photo opportunity. You’ll soon find what photos you like to take. And if you do have a style don’t feel pressured into taking photos that are just based around your style be open.

Those are 7 tips which I wish I knew when I started photography.

I hope they help,

Autumn xx


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