the past through pictures

Hello Lovelies!

Recently I was looking back at some old photos I had taken and I was surprised how much I remember from that day just by looking at my photo.

So for this post I thought why not share with you some old memories!


This was from a couple of years ago. I was at this beautiful park with my sister and I remember me and her making a massive daisy chain. This American woman came up to us and asked to take a photo of our daisy chain because apparently in the US they don’t make daisy chains?!
I took this photo I think it was the first time I went skiing. There was this massive hill (as you can see) which we all went sledging down.
This is from when I went on holiday to France and we found a secret beach witch no one was on, so me and my family spend the day on this beach.
This photo is from a very long dog walk I did once and I got lost up the top of a giant hill!

So, those are some of my favourite photos with some of my favourite momories from a couple of years ago.

Hope you enjoyed,

Autumn xx


10 thoughts on “the past through pictures

  1. Lovely photos, I love photography (although I have no idea what my camera does) and how a picture can bring memories flooding back. My hard drive is full of albums from my various days out / holidays over the years and each picture tells a story x

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  2. Your pictures are SO amazing! Since you’re so good at photography, would you every consider making a photography tips post for beginners? I’m thinking of getting into photography, using my phone’s camera since its pretty good. Thanks🙂

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