Hello Lovelies!

So, today I thought I’d have a little chat to you about books and reading and why I love it so much.

Let’s go!

I firstly love how books can take you anywhere. Down a rabbit hole, up a tree, on mars, a world full of chocolate or just a normal house in a normal street, in a normal town… or is it normal 😉 If I’m having a bad day I tend to turn to a book set in a totally different setting to where I am. I can simply pick up a book and suddenly I’m falling down a massive rabbit hole with, what seems like, no end. It’s amazing how the power and choice of certain worlds can make your imagination sore and teleport you into an unknown land full of magic, mystery, adventure, cake, anything you want it to be.

The second reason I love books it how you can hop out of your crappy life and into someone else’s who’s is full of adventure and excitement. Even if theirs has its down you know by the end of the story it will all end up just fine and if it doesn’t… well just dive into another book and retrace your steps as a totally different person. The only problem is when you become so attached to a book that you start to worry about whether  you look presentable enough to meet the Queen of Hearts and you have to constantly shake yourself into reality and tell yourself that no. you are not about to play croquet with flamingos but you are about to fail your Spanish test if you don’t put your book down. Does anyone else have this problem when you have something you need to remember or worry about but when you come to find out what it is you are needing to remember it’s something which you don’t actually need to worry about because no, you are not Alice in Wonderland but you still cannot stop worrying about it?

I find books so inspiring, every time I read a book I’m always like, wow, *insert authors name here* is such an amazing author I want to write like her/him. I then spend the next week or so writing like half a book before giving up and deciding to stick to reading the books and let the authors do all the hard work! To be honest I do love writing… why would I have made a blog and stuff if I didn’t?!

Novels are also so addicting, like it’s amazing when you find a book and you just cannot put it down, it can be annoying, but even so it’s a great feeling. Until the dreaded day when Alice has found it back home from wonderland so the book has to finish. You can tell when you love a book when you just want to know what the rest of the characters life is like even if no, there can’t be a squeal because it just wouldn’t work but you just really want to know what the characters everyday life is like even when they aren’t having lunch,dinner or breakfast (I’m still waiting to know why meal the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party actually was!) with the Mad Hatter and the March Hair.

Ok, I’m going to stop now because I could write about books forever. I love them so much!!


Autumn xx


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