a few of my favourite things

Hello Lovelies!

So, I am a very sentimental kind of person and I though I’d share with you some of the things that make me happy and calm. T o be honest you may find them weird because as I said I am very sentimental so these items have great value to me, even if they are just some junk to others. When I’m packing I rarely put a great deal of practical things in my suitcase, which I regret later, but fill it to the brim with little things which make me happy.

These are a few of my favourite thing (the ones I’d stuff my suitcase with instead of practical, useful things):

  1. My diaries– As in all 3 of them. I know I’ve totally finished 2 of them but they just bring my comfort, I guess it’s proving to myself that I’ve gotten through these couple of years of my life without giving up or whatever and here is the proof.
  2. Girl Online By Zoe Sugg– The first Girl Online is my comfort read, it gives me hope and really, truly inspires me. I had to force myself to not bring all 3 books on my last holiday!!
  3. My guitar– Ok, so maybe I wouldn’t pack this one but my guitar is a way to relax myself and just give me some time to breathe. I want to admit that I can’t really play guitar so that makes it sound even weirder but I just love strumming it and playing a couple of simple cords to make up a small rhythm.
  4. My camera– I cannot leave to go on holiday, or anywhere really without my camera! Just thinking of forgetting it on holiday makes me shudder! Who knows what great photo opportunities you’ll miss out on!
  5. A book- I cannot go anywhere without a good book… you never know when you might want to escape the real world and climb into a totally different one.
  6. My comfy blanket- So,  I have this blanket and it’s basically a comfort blanket. I’ve had it like all my life and it just makes me feel so warm and safe and just generally happier.

So, those are a few of my favourite things (the lyric from the Sound of Music was intentional, go watch that film if you haven’t already!)

I hope you enjoyed this post and please comment your favourite things below!

lots of love,

Autumn xx


4 thoughts on “a few of my favourite things

  1. I love my camera too and always take it on a day out / holiday. My other favourite things would have to be music to listen to (whether on the radio or iPod), my iPad (for reading my kindle books on) and my little notebook which I use for writing down the good things that happen every day.

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