night writings #1: We’re robots?!

Hi lovelies!

I’m kind of dying of confusion right now because I have delved into how we actually exist. Yes, as in how we all as humans are able to move, talk, see, hear, feel, think or even breathe.

This is why I never really get sleep at night 🙂

so, I was thinking aren’t humans literally just bones and other random stuff combined to create something that is capable of such powerful things. I mean to be honest we’re basically robots; moving things made of things. But the difference is we actually experience emotions and feelings from this weird mush called ‘The Brain’ like how dots this strange goo like substance sitting inside a weird material called a ‘Bone’ cause you to feel such strong, complicated things?! I don’t get how this mushy material connect to something connected to something else etc. To make you move. How do you move anyway? We’re just made of different, rather strange materials so how does that cause movement or anything?! How does a mushy thing in your head make you move and, well, just be alive. How come each mushy thing in ur head has a slightly different “personality” making us unique and us. how does 2 circular objects attached to something else cause you out to experience the sight of beautiful and sometimes, well, not so beautiful things? How come 2 holes in the side of your head cause you to actually experience sound and great music but also terrible sounds (like nails against a chalk board).

Just HOWWWWWWWWW????!!!!!!

Im quite exhausted after writing that! I wrote it soooo quickly like literally so so so many questions kept leaping into my head saying “include me too!” So therefore i had to include them otherwise they would be bugging me for the rest of my life!! (Oh yeah one last thing, how come our body dies, like suddenly all the materials in our bodies become stationary objects again that don’t have the ability to do all the many things it used to do).

i do tend to ramble a lot!!

im actually so tired after writing this and I’m so sorry, my readers, if, like me, I have made you delve into the deep dark depths of the meanings of life but before I start to question our existence any more I’m going to go before I fall asleep and most probably dream about what I’ve just written,


Autumn xx


2 thoughts on “night writings #1: We’re robots?!

  1. OMG I THINK ABOUT THIS STUFF TOO! Like what happens after we die? We just loose everything? All our hard work…gone. Does anything happen? What does it feel like? OMG SOOOOO ANNOYING because I don’t want estimates I want facts. Facts about how the earth came and the universe and how everything appeared!

    Nira xx |

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