Just a little update

Hey Lovelies!

I just though I’d update you a bit on what’s going on in my blog because I have changed it a lot.

First of all the all important, changing my username!!

So, I decided in the end to go with “Autumn Colours” as suggested by Small Island Thinker so all credit to you, thanks 🙂 I loved how it kind of represented change almost because autumn is a season that basically changes from a colourful summer to a darker, colder winter. And that’s what my blog is about; changes but unlike autumn I’m hoping that I will change from winter to summer, from darker and unhappy to joyful and positive. Don’t get me wrong, I love winter I just thought that would be a good metaphor!! Autumn is also my anonymous blog name, and I do LOVE all the colours that autumn brings:


I’ve also changed  the colour theme of my blog and the header image because it looks more spring-y, so I’m planning to change those 2 aspects of my layout each season to make it more seasonal.

The final thing I’m doing is writing a letter to every season just before, or as, it starts. I just think it would be nice to look back at the letters and see if I achieved whatever I put into them. Yeah, I kind of like seasons! I love how they give you another opportunity to start again and achieve things you want to achieve. I also love how every season is totally different so you can get excited to see what every season has in store 🙂 Go check out my letter to spring!

That’ it, sorry (not sorry) I rambled on a bit!

Autumn xx


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