Hey Lovelies!

After all my many deep posts I thought I’d do a funny and pretty cringey post!

following on from my previous post, I have decided to tell you some rather awkward and embarrassing things I do.

  1. First of all I have a tendency to read out signs or adverts or anything out and about with lettering on. This is all fine if you’re just with a friend in a busy shop or just walking along the street and talking in a  normal volume but then it gets to a point where you just want the ground to swallow you up… Like yesterday when I was innocently on a silent train with my friend and in a slightly louder than normal voice I read out a sign about yoghurt… and the catchphrase I read out was ‘oooh it’s so soft!’. Yeah… the whole train looked at me and I had to burry my face in my book.
  2. Another thing I do, and probably quite a few people do is run away from awkward situations. This seems normal until you run away and hide behind a see through object, a thin tree or a car with see through windows (read an embarrassment waiting to happen) Most of the time people look at me like I’m crazy, which to be fair is understandable.
  3. I’ve also throw food or water on people before, not on purpose but somehow accidentally?! I know, you’re probably wandering how I actually do that but it has happened… twice. One time I was at school and my friend was ignoring me, I plucked up the courage to ask her where she had been at lunch and instead of asking calmly like a normal person would I said ‘where have you been’ and pointed at her with my water bottle which, knowing my luck, was slightly open, therefore causing her to be drenched in water!! Another time me and my friend were pretending to be unicorns with our ice creams (I know so childish!) by putting them almost on our foreheads but not touching. Unfortunately someone bumped into be just at the time I was touching the ice cream cone. Long story short I fell into the girls cone and it got squished all over her face and she didn’t talk to me for like a week!!!

Those are just 3 of the hilarious and quite embarrassing things that happen to me on probably a weekly basis!

Hope you enjoyed 🙂

Autumn xx


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