an embarrassment waiting to happen

Hi Lovelies!

The other day I was hiding behind a car because me and my best friend, A, who I spoke about in my post 29/12/16, were having a Nerf Gun war (As you do!) and I had a sudden flash back to a fabulously embarrassing moment of my life which, looking back at it is super funny so therefore I though I’d share it with you guys!

There was this boy who I went out with for like a week because I felt sorry for him but because it was me I still felt so socially awkward around him, even though we weren’t in a proper relationship or anything. One day I was casually walking bad home from school looking like an idiot as I had been crying a lot that day because of friendship issues and I generally had a rubbish day so I honestly couldn’t care what I looked like (I probably had running mascara and super messy hair!) and yeah, I was just trudging home when I saw that very same boy, lets call him L walking towards me. Me, being me really socially awkward self, stood routed to the spot staring right at him and as my mind began to work again my one thought was that I needed to get out this situation and so my instant reaction was: RUN!!! So that is exactly what I did. I ran back the way I came and down a side road before hiding behind a car. After standing behind this poor persons car for what seemed like hours and was actually seconds I cautiously peered over the edge of the car caught eyes with a boy. The very same boy who I’d just stared at for like two minuets before running away from!!!!! And then I realized that the car I was standing behind had really see through windows and so he most probably saw me hiding behind it in the first place!

That story is making me cringe just writing it!

Even when I walk back home from school now I still walk really cautiously around that corner, just in case!

Have any of you guys had any super embarrassing stories? Write them in the comments if you dare!!!!

Autumn xx


11 thoughts on “an embarrassment waiting to happen

  1. Lol, whenever I see people that I know in stores, my immediate reaction is to run or hide; my mum and I were in the mall once, and I saw a boy that went to my school, and I turned around and literally started walking the other way lol 😛 😀 😀

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  2. 😂😂 i loved this story, aha. i’m just as socially awkward, whenever i see someone i don’t know i either look in the complete opposite direction or pretend that i’ve never seen them before! x

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