Hi Lovelies!

so, recently I have been very much inspired by my grandma. She suffers from a sever form of dementia which is an illness that shows no physical pain but causes you to lose your memory and as well as this she had heart problems and recently things have been getting a lot worse. About a week ago she was taken into hospital after fainting, which can be dangerous with dementia. Once she was in hospital so would not eat or drink practically anything so this was all pretty scary for me and my family but fortunately she is back home now and after a lot of thinking and chats I’ve realized that to be honest my grandma is a pretty inspiring person.

For the past 5 years she has been struggling with memory loss which is slowly worsening and worsening, so much so she now cannot remember simple words, her friends and families names or objects around her and although, luckily, she feels no pain she is still awear, just about, that she cannot remember as much as the normal human. Despite all of this she is constantly smiling and laughing, enjoying and living life to the best of her ability. She loves singing and dancing and to be honest I am pretty surprised by her amazingly positive outlook on everything despite the circumstances. She is always reminding me to stay happy and ‘cheeky’ and ‘silly’ which I am safe to say I am truly inspired by.

Another way I am inspired by my grandma is how passionate about the things she loves; whether that’s a person or a hobby she always takes time and effort on it. Definitely her favourite hobby is art. She is forever drawing and colouring and it is great that through all this madness of her her life she has a little escape, like mine is photography, hers is drawing. Slowly her artwork is becoming, well, stranger, i guess. She used to be an amazing artist and the only memory I have of her and me when she didn’t have dementia is when she sat with me for hours perfecting this tree drawing I did when I was about 6, to this day I still have that drawing somewhere but now her drawings are a bit too imaginative if that’s possible and kind of unusual but even so she has probably done over 100 drawings in the past couple of years. She also always tells me to basically follow my dreams, in her own words.

Although I is a very sad time for me and my family watching my grandma getting worse and forgetting everything I think each and everyone one of us has learnt something from her and been inspired by her positivity and imagination.

Thank you for reading,

Autumn xx


7 thoughts on “inspired

  1. Autumn, this is so beautiful and meaningful – your grandma really sounds like an amazing and truly inspirational person as you described her in your post 🙂 ❤ Much love xx

    Aqsa ❤

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