New year chat

Hey lovelies!

Happy new years eve!!!

For this post I’m gonna just have a shot chat with you about new year and the fact it’s almost officially 2017!!!!!

I’m really exited and it you read my 2016 post you’ll understand that this year I have had a couple (under reacting!) of problems with friendships and everything 🙂  But I also said that if we just skipped 2016 I wouldn’t be here chatting to random strangers who I have only known for about a week about all my life problems and personal issues! Lol!!!  I am seriously happy I’ve started this blog though and without 2016 I actually wouldn’t be here now. I also realized that I absolutely LOVE photography and I would consider it to be my career when I’m older. Photography and a few best friends and, now, this blog have got me through 2016 and on the way I’ve found out who I truly am so therefore I am actually grateful that  2016 did exist.

Now lets talk about 2017…

I can’t wait to make use of all the things I’ve learnt in 2016 and prove to everyone what I am capable of… I’m not just another random girl. I want to be know for something like photography so people would just be like ohhhh I know who you mean! That girl who is a great photographer. Even if they don’t know my name I’d be happy with the title: Great Photographer. I’ve also set some targets that i’d like to achieve. I though instead of doing a load of little ones I’d do a couple of more important ones which I’m more likely to achieve so here they are:

  • Be me. By that I mean stay true to myself and try not to impress others just be myself around them and it’s there problem if they don’t like the real me.
  • Be healthier. I do literally try to do this every year but this time I’m determined to be healthier, cut down on the sweets and drink more water!
  • Have some ‘me’ time. Don’t pend forever on my phone or the internet, get outside and do something adventurous or turn off my electronics and sit down and do some colouring. anything which counts as time to myself really.
  • Be more tolerant.  Meaning let little things that irritate me go. Don’t make them into a big deal and get all panicky about it or be rude back to someone of they are rude to me. and just generally don’t make things into a big deal.

Those are my 4 things I’m going to hopefully achieve this year and I’ll sure keep you updated on how it’s going! I would also like to continue with my hobbies eg. blogging and photography and never give up! I’d also like to try and work harder at school and on homework (wish me luck!!)

This is all for that post, I hope you enjoyed my little chat and I’m going to go and enjoy new years eve!


Autumn xx


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