I love photography because…

Hello Lovelies!

I’d like to start off by saying a MASSIVE thank you for everyone who has been kind enough to comment lovely things on all my posts and I also I hope you all have fun tonight. Also be expecting a new years resolution post today or tomorrow so look out for that!

Ok so on with today’s post because I’m looking forward to it!!

Over the past couple of days I’ve been collecting reasons why everyone loves photography from my Instagram and on my blog for this post and it’s literally gonna be a load of everyone’s reasons why they love photography kind of merged together and I’m excited to start. I’ll also link all their Instagrams and blogs so you should go check them out.

I love photography because it’s a beautiful way of capturing moments and keeping them forever. I love how you get to freeze a moment in life.You can loose yourself in a photo and all my negative feelings just drift away when I have my camera in hand, it’s just me and my camera, escaping the world for a while. It’s like I’m somewhere else, free to take picture of whatever I want. No one can tell you what to do or who to be, express your creativity and taking photos helps you explain yourself when words fail. I want to be able to express the beauty I feel and see in nature and photography helps me to do that. I can capture the essence of something truly beautiful that tells a story which I can remember forever. Every time I look back at that photo, I remember again.  As well as expressing the beauty I feel and see I can express the emotions going through my brain and I can clear my mind. I’m not some professional photographer but photography makes me happy, so does seeing them printed out looking all professional I think wow I took this and not being professional doesn’t stop me having fun! I want to be able to share my photos with the world to make people feel differently about things and understand my emotions or the point I’m trying to get across.

Photography is my passion.

Photography is my escape.

photography is my life.

and that’s why I love photography.


Yayyy!!!! I did it!!!

That’s a mixture of 10 different peoples views on photography and now you should go follow their Instagrams:












Happy new year!

Autumn xx






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