Hola Lovelies! 

Yes I know, I’m writing a blog post at 1:15 AM on Christmas Day!!!

I woke up soooooo early and I’m now waiting for the rest of my family to wake up in like 4/5 hours time.

oh yeah,  Merry Christmas!

I hope you day is full of happiness and delight!

I’m sooo excited for Christmas to fully begin, to open presents, give gifts and just be a complete family.

okay so I’ve kinda blabbered on a bit but don’t you all just LOVE Christmas, its so magical and just full of excitement!

For this post I’m going to write what 2016 was to me, even though it hasn’t properly finished yet… it almost has!

I’ve changed so much this year and so has everything around me. I’ve changed friends to find the true ones and me, myself has also changed. I’ve truly found out who I really am and I wouldn’t have to stop and think if someone asked for my favorite hobby, for example ,because that hobby is part of me and it has helped me to grow as a person (you’ve probably guessed that hobby; photography!). I’ve been through many arguments just to find that usually it’s not worth is and you/ the person your arguing with is literally arguing of nothing! Thinking back at 2016 now I’m pretty grateful that I had this year as it has really helped me grow as a person however hard or terrible it was.

I was reading back at my old diary from last year and comparing it to now I’ve realized that I have changed soooo much. I’m a lot maturer now and learnt to deal with things in a better way. Also I’m really pleased about this point; I’ve noticed over the last couple of years I have become lesser and lesser shy which is a massive improvement for me and I’m hoping if I continue to become less shy it will really boost my self esteem!

What’s hapeened in 2016?

Okay, I’ve been lucky enough to do dome pretty great stuff in 2016 which helps me to look at this year in a different light so here are some of my favorite moments:

  • Sung on stage with Stacey Solomon (don’t know who she is? look her up)
  • Did a cinema screening of a film I was is!
  • Found photography, again.
  • got my aerial and flick in gymnastics
  • found out, and started rehearsals, that I’m going to perform in the West End, London!
  • Spending a day at an amazing theme part with my best friend
  • Meeting my amazing internet besitie (follow her on instagram: @dream_big.xoxo)
  • started this blog!

This year I’ve definitively got over my stage fright!

I still cannot read in front of an audience as myself but when I’m in character I feel like I can almost hide behind that character so therefore I’m able to be a lot less nervous because I just keep thinking what would my character do?  And do that…

yet to be able to do public speaking though!

That’s it for this post and sorry if it was quite long but I hope you enjoyed it,

Autumn xx


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