How to make the most of Boxing Day

Hello lovelies!

Yes, boxing day is pretty depressing! It means there is another 364 days until Christmas but usually you get to spend time with family, friends or any relatives who may or may not have given you their presents so you never know you may get a couple more gifts!

If, like me, you’re not doing anything this boxing day then here are some things to do:

  1. exercise -You probably haven’t gone on a jog for a while or done any form of exercise in a couple of weeks (I know I haven’t!) so what’s stopping you from going outside to have a run or a nice long walk! Get outside and burn off all that food you ate yesterday!!
  2. Sort out your gifts -This is a pretty simple thing to do but it’s satisfying once completed. If you didn’t have time to sort out your gifts yesterday and just dumped them in your room, like me, then go sort them out! Trust me it’s a relief once you’ve put your gifts where they need to be because your room feels a lot clearer
  3. Be healthy –I’ve decided, starting from now, I’m going to be more healthy. My excuse before was that it’s nearly Christmas but now Christmas is over… NO EXCUSES 🙂
  4. Have a nice bath- If you’re like me and you got tones of toiletries and bath stuff for Christmas try use some and have a nice relaxing bath, put come music on in the background, light a few candles and use one of your Christmas bath bombs. With all you new shower gel and stuff on you will feel super clean!
  5. bake –If you’re trying to be healthy try bake something nice and healthy but of course yummy! But if not try use up all you’re left over christmas ingredients (like cinnamon, not turkey!) and be creative.
  6. blog -If you don’t have a blog then start one! It’s the perfect time to start because all the busyness of Christmas is almost out the way and it’s slightly more peaceful now there’s no wrapping to do or presents to buy so you should totally go ahead and make a blog if you haven’t already.
  7. Read- I don’t know about you but I got lots of books for Christmas so why not turn off your phone and just sit down, cosy up and read a good old book!
  8. Take some photos -Photography is a great thing to do and it’s pretty simple. If your a beginner don’t be down heartened  that people are better than you so just pick up your camera/phone and go for a nice walk to take some photos. Once you’re back from your walk how about edit and print off your photographs and stick them on your wall to make a collage.
  9. Have some me time -If you’re not supposed to be spending time with relatives how about having some time to yourself. This is a stressful and busy time of year so why not turn of all electronics and do some writing or play some calm music and just lye on your bed for a bit.
  10. Do some DIYs –Find some nice DIYs to do and have a go! even if they don’t turn out the way you hoped it’s always go and fun to just have a go!

I hope you found this post useful and I hope you had a great Christmas yesterday!

Autumn xx


5 thoughts on “How to make the most of Boxing Day

  1. Hey i just read this post and i love it! it’s here and i think i might start some of the things on this blog and i think i might start my own!
    Aimee xx

    Liked by 1 person

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