Out of my comfort zone

Hi Lovelies!

So, I’ve been brought into something, it was partially my fault I’ll have to admit but also partially the person’s for bringing me into it. I don’t want to talk about what I’ve been brought into but what I do want to day is that I’d like to be brought back out of the issue again ,which I know is impossible. I have been pulled so far out my comfort zone and I’m not enjoying it. I’ve had to speak to people who I would no way speak to if I had a choice and done things that in any other situation I would hate to do. I feel like I’ve betrayed one of my closest friends by wimping out of the situation, which has stupidly lead into another, worse, situation. I am still friends with this friend but I feel really guilty even though I know the whole big issue was practically none of my fault.

The topic kind of scares me, so therefore if triggering my anxiety which did start to simmer down until yesterday. It doesn’t scared me for a particular reason it just always has and the though of being involved in it makes everything harder, even if I’m not actually very involved, just on the sidelines.

Half of me is thinking that I should just run away from the situation but today when I ran away from it, I just got bounced straight back into a worse situation and the other half is saying I should get more involved because it will probably making a difference in the end.

I know this is quite a hard post to understand as I can’t really give much information but if you do have any advice please leave me a comment,

Love you guys,

Autumn xx


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