Hi Lovelies!

It don’t know how long it’s been… probably like a week, but it feels like ages since I last logged into my blog because I’ve been super busy.

Anyway. today’s post is one about journaling and my experience of writing a diary, so lets go!

I have been writing a diaries a lot of my life, I have a few from when I was about 7 and another load from when I was about 9 but I also did the occasional diary in between those ages. Before I was 11, though, I only wrote about a maximum of 2 weeks then dumped that diary somewhere, so therefore I have lots of unfinished diaries around my room! When I was 11 I started writing a proper diary… and now I’m onto my third book because I’ve already filled up two!

The first diary I completed took me almost exactly a year to finish (from August 2015 to August 2016) and to be honest it was actually one of my greatest achievements! It was quite a big diary with a front cover saying ‘It’s what’s inside that counts’ surrounded by flowers. At first I didn’t intend for it to be a diary, just a book for doodles but I guess it progressed into a quick comment on what I did that day to a journal where I could write whatever was on my mind. So, yeah, it basically became my diary that I’d take everywhere with me, it would be my escape and just somewhere to express myself.



A year later, once I’d filled that one up I had to do one of my favourite things… journal shopping!! It was actually surprisingly hard to find a perfect diary which lived up to my expectations, I wasted too much money on dairies which I just discarded because they didn’t feel right. Until one day I was actually book shopping when I saw this amazing notepad. It had old cameras on the front and was just the right size so I decided that instead of spending like 10 pounds on a book, I’d spend it all on my new diary! This was then my new journal and it lasted from the end of September up until about a week ago. I think I will always remeber this journal as being the journal where I did actually truely express myself and didn’t hold anything back, I didn’t need to be scared that someone would judge me because, well, I didn’t intend for anyone to read it’s content.



And finally I’m on my third diary which I’ve only written a couple of pages in but I’m thoroughly enjoying it, I’m trying to make this diary a bit neater and more appealing and colourful!



So, this post has kinda got a bit too long so I’m going to make a part 2 about why I love journaling ect.

Thanks for reading!

Autumn xx








4 thoughts on “journal

  1. I’ve started a lot of journals before but I always end up scrapping them because I don’t like the way I write x( It’s really wonderful you can maintain a journal for so long, good on you!

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