Hello Lovelies!

I’d like to start off by saying a massive thank you! I mean 13 followers in 5 days, that’s incredible!! I was going to be happy when I got to 5 followers but woah! thanks guys x

For today’s post I thought I should tell you, in detail why I love photography because I haven’t really written a long paragraph about it before but I love geeking out about photography, even when the person I’m talking to can’t even work a camera and don’t even know what I’m on about!!!

The first reason I love photography is that it can help you remember things you may, otherwise, forget and I’m not talking take a photo of your geography text book and you’ll remember to do do that assessment which was due in 2 weeks ago! I mean little happy moments which you’d like to preserve because otherwise you’d forget that they ever happened. I have over 100 photos stuck all around my bedroom walls and each one of them holds a little happy moment. I love that. I love how when ever I look at one of my photos I think; Oh yeah! That was when… and I had so much fun!  I can’t express how much I love that feeling of remembering the little things that made me happy. I always look at my photos when I’m feeling sad or anxious or just a little bit down because it shows me there’s always hope and I’d felt like it before and I got out of my mood, there are photos to prove it.

I also love how photography helps you make great friends who have the same passions as you all thanks to the internet! I’ve met friends I may not ever meet but I feel like I could chat to them forever and photography has helped me do that. If I hadn’t been a passionate photographer I wouldn’t have made my photography instagram account and I wouldn’t have made tones of friends and even if I didn’t have photography I wouldn’t have set up this blog because I wanted to see if people liked my photos and I’ve already made some friends on here even though I only have 13 followers!

Another reason photography is my passion is because that I think it’s amazing how the photos you’ve taken inspires people helps them to have a little peak into how you see the world and it lets people understand how you’re feeling without saying to them ‘I’m sad’ or ‘I’m excited’. I feel that, to me, my mood reflects on the atmosphere of my photos and so therefore is useful if you don’t sometimes have the confidence to tell people how you feel.

The final thing I love about photography is that it gets you outdoors. Yes, i know that there are tones of other things that get you outside but photography is one of the few of them that actually lets you appreciate nature at its finest. Photography shows you how beautiful the world can be if you look in the right places and bother to take the time to get out and enjoy it. It shows you that winter isn’t just a load of dead trees but also an icy wonderland filled with animals and little, surviving plants. That’s something I love.

If any of you out there are thinking of giving photography a go then I hope this post inspired you to go out and try it!

Also I hope that any photographers reading this can relate and it’s not just me who feels this way,

tell me in the comments why you love photography.

Autumn xx



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